The Award Winning, InnoVatively Simple Single Access Port...

The InnoPort ®, a product of Innovia LLC, facilitates performance of laparoscopic surgery through one incision, instead of multiple incisions, with the goal of minimizing pain, scarring, and recovery time for patients. The device's simple, hollow, cone-shape design grants physicians unrestricted access to the abdominal cavity with up to three rigid, curved, and/or articulating 5mm instruments.

The design also enables physicians to place, use, and remove the device with minimal effort and low risk of contamination or complication. Two ancillary ports permit insufflation and smoke evacuation.

The InnoPort ® is now commercially available with three self-lubricating, 5 mm ports. Other sizes, such as 5-5-13 mm (10 mm compatible) and 5-5-15 mm are currently being developed. These devices include a larger diameter smoke evacuation port, which is designed to allow access for a catheter or a 3 mm instrument, such as a grasper.

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