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  • How is the InnoPort ® anchored in place?
  • Two stay sutures are placed through the umbilical fascia, and the free ends are wrapped around the wings on the InnoPort ® Body. The typical time span from first cut to first instrument insertion is less than 3 minutes.

  • How much does the InnoPort ® cost?
  • The InnoPort’s simple design permits pricing that is extremely competitive and comparable to the cost of three separate trocars. Volume discounts are available.

  • What makes InnoPort ® different from other Single Port Access devices?
  • The InnoPort’s one piece design is inexpensive, easy to use, and eliminates the need for intra-operative assembly. In addition, small specimens can be pulled into the hollow body of the InnoPort ® and removed without touching tissue (no endobag needed).

  • Why should I use a Single Port Access device at all when I can just insert three trocars through the umbilicus?
  • Three trocars require three separate incisions, which may increase the risk of complications. In addition, the incision holes often need to be connected at the end of the procedure to remove specimens. Small specimens can be placed within the hollow cavity of the InnoPort ® and removed from the body without contacting tissue, thereby minimizing the chance of infection.

    Some surgeons prefer to use three trocars because it costs less. However, due to InnoPort’s low cost, the cost difference between these approaches is negligible.

  • How long is the umbilical incision?
  • Approximately 2.5 cm.

  • What instruments can be used with the InnoPort?
  • Currently the InnoPort ® accommodates 3, 5 mm instruments. The instruments can be straight, rigid-curved, or articulating. Designs currently being developed include 5-5-13 mm (10 mm compatible), 5-5-15 mm, 5-5-5-15 mm, as well as a pediatric device.