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Innoport News US availability

Posted by admin on January 31, 2011

news_image01.pngSingle port access surgery, a laparoscopic procedure with just one incision, is seeing increased use, and companies are stepping up to make it easier and safer. Innovia out of Miami, Florida has released its InnoPort laparoscopy access device to the U.S. market. Up to three rigid, curved, or articulating devices can be used via the port at the same time with two additional ports for insufflation and exhausting smoke.

The InnoPort ® is Innovia LLC’s new laparoscopic Single Port Access device comprising a hollow flexible cone secured in the incision with two stay sutures. The InnoPort has three 5mm ports with bellowed walls to allow a wide range of manipulation without jeopardizing pneumoperitonium as well as two ancillary ports which permit insufflation and smoke exhaustion. Surgeons report that they like this device because it is easy and quick to place and remove, the stay sutures prevent inadvertent pop-out, the exhaust port can double as a fourth port for cholangiogram catheter entry and the hollow cone allows removal of specimens without contacting surrounding tissue.