Heart Disease: A Silent Killer

While all other organs in our body gets the chance to rest and rejuvenate, there is one that tirelessly, and often thanklessly, does its job 24*7. Consistently beating, its mesmerizing rhythm is what keeps us alive, day after day, no matter what activity we might be indulging in. The second it ceases to function, we cease to exist.

Yes, we are referring to that tireless, strong champion – The Heart!

The human heart has often been the subject of many a romantic poem. It is said to be where almost all mushy and gooey emotions originate. Modern science has long stated this to be untrue, of course, with our logical brain being credited for such whimsical emotions as love. Even so, the heart has been accorded a special place, its importance often placed above that of the brain!

The Heart Of The Matter
The heart is a muscular organ which forms the core constituent of the circulatory system. It is responsible for pumping blood through blood vessels, making sure that the body gets plenty of nutrients and oxygen-rich blood. This job is vital, as even a small change in this process could lead to devastating, sometimes even irreversible effects. Such effects manifest themselves in the form of Heart Diseases.

What are Heart Diseases?
Not a day goes by when we don’t hear of someone or the other suffering from heart disease, being admitted to the hospital. Often life-threatening, heart disease is a term given to many disorders that affect the heart, like for instance, coronary artery disease, angina, heart failure, arrhythmias, etc. According to recent studies, one in three people are likely to develop heart diseases. What makes this fact even more scarier is that not all heart diseases come with clear-cut warnings! Often, they make their appearance quite out of the blue, with the victims hardly ever knowing what hit them. Most people succumb to this deadly disease, as they have no clue on what the problem is or are unable to interpret the symptoms that may appear.

Be Prepared
It isn’t easy to predict and prepare for all heart diseases. However, we could attune our senses to look out for common symptoms that signal the advent of certain types of heart diseases. Given below are a few symptoms that people ought to make themselves aware of. This will ensure that they know exactly when to call the doctor, and perhaps, save a life!

Discomfort In The Chest
This is the most common sign of heart disease. People usually complain of a tight feeling, or an increase of pressure in the chest area. This is a typical sign of a blocked artery.

Shortness Of Breath
Dyspnea, or difficulty in breathing, is a condition that usually afflicts people on the verge of an imminent heart attack.

Pain That Radiates To the Arm
A classic symptom, most heart attack victims complain of a dull or sharp pain that shoots down the left side of their body, towards their left arm.

Pain In The Jaw Or Tooth
A few heart patients have noticed a persistent pain in their jaw, a few hours or even minutes, before the heart attack.

Keep Calm
People at risk of developing heart disease ought to make subtle changes to their lifestyle. Eat healthy food, exercise more and try to live less hectic lives. This could very well add more years to your life.