Choosing The Best Plastic Surgeon In Toronto

Plastic surgeries have become popular of late. This could be due to increased beauty consciousness among men and women. Eyelid surgery is one of the popular plastic surgery options available for people, who want to enhance the appearance of their eye. If you are residing in Toronto, then you will have to find a highly skilled plastic surgeon Toronto. Nowadays, plastic surgeries are becoming more common. You can check here to read an interesting statistics about the plastic surgeries.
The Eye plays a significant role in deciding the overall look of an individual. Dark circles, sagging and a dull eye can make you look aged than, you are. Eyelid surgery, also called as blepharoplasty helps to rejuvenate the areas surrounding your eyes and give a refreshed look to your face. After you have decided to have eyelid surgery, your next line of action should be to have a consultation with your plastic surgeon. Make sure to prepare a set of questions before the consultation.

Are You An Ideal Candidate For Surgery?
Eyelid surgery is minimally invasive, and hence it is much safer for many people. People with following listed conditions are ideal for eyelid surgery.

  • The excessively sagging skin on the upper eyelid.
  • Puffiness and drooping skin in the lower eyelid.
  • Hooded eyelids.
  • Doesn’t have complicated eye conditions.
  • Doesn’t smoke.
  • Upper or Lower Blepharoplasty.

Depending on your aesthetic goals, the surgeon will decide whether you have a lower or upper blepharoplasty, or sometimes both. During upper blepharoplasty, the excess skin of the upper eyelid is removed, and the dropping muscles are tightened to achieve a beautiful appearance. Lower blepharoplasty is intended to minimize the presence of under eye bags.

Recovery Period
Unlike most cosmetic procedures, the blepharoplasty patients do not need to undergo a longer recovery. Patients may experience some mild bruises, swelling, and tightness during the first week after the surgery. Most patients do not experience severe pain or feel during recovery. These minor symptoms are treated with OTC medicines.
Patients will be advised not to use their contact lenses for few weeks after the surgery. This is because wearing contacts lens can strain the eyelids as the patients need to lift and drop the eyelid to insert and remove the contact lenses.

Visible Scars
The eyelid surgery mostly does not cause any visible scars due to the minimal invasion. Moreover, any possible scars are concealed after the surgery. So, patients, who are planning to undergo this surgery need not have to worry about having scars on their eyelid.

Other Procedures That Compliments Eyelid Surgery
Patients prefer to have facelift surgery along with the eyelid surgery for highly effective results. You may consult your surgeon to find out other procedures for complimenting your eyelid surgery.
The effectiveness of the eyelid surgery can depend on the surgeon, who is performing it. It is better to choose a surgeon, who is certified and experienced to perform the plastic surgery. Browse the Internet and ask your friends about the reliable surgeons in Toronto.